Take 5 Safety – What It Is and Why Employers Should Implement It

Workplace health and safety is of the utmost importance in the modern workplace and there are many ways in which employers can improve their standard of WHS in their respective workplaces.

From training sessions and workplace signage to the distribution of customised booklets that outline the process for the benefit of employees, employers are spoiled for choice with regard to how they choose to raise awareness of risk assessment processes among their workforce.

What is Take 5?

Take 5 Safety is a risk assessment process that employers can implement in their workplaces to increase their standard of workplace health and safety for the benefit of all, including visitors to the workplace. Risk assessment processes have been implemented in all kinds of workplaces, and not only workplaces that have traditionally been deemed high risk, such as construction sites and manufacturing facilities.

As a result, regardless of the sector or industry your business is involved in, chances are you’ll find it advantageous to implement this highly popular risk assessment process in your place of business. Here’s a brief explanation of the process.

  • Stop, Look, and Listen

Observe the work area before commencing the task so as to focus on what needs to be done and spot potential problems.

  • Review the Task

Go over the processes required to complete the task before commencing it. This provides an opportunity to identify the most suitable tools and techniques to use for the task in question.

  • Identify the Risks

There are often risks associated with performing certain tasks, so taking the time to identify those risks before getting started is in the interests of good workplace health and safety.

  • Manage the Risks

If risks have been identified it’s imperative that they are managed before work commences. This may require the worker to contact their supervisor or manager.

  • Get Started

Once all the preventative measures have been implemented, work on that particular task can commence.

The Take 5 Safety process is broken down into five easy-to-follow steps which makes it a highly effective means of assessing the risks associated with a particular workplace task.

As mentioned earlier, this process can be applied to all workplaces, and not only ‘high risk’ workplaces, so even if you run an IT company or a business that has traditionally been seen as ‘safe’, you’ll still find that it’s highly advantageous for you and your workforce to implement the process in your place of business.

Workplace health and safety

Why Implement It?

As you can see from the breakdown of the process, Take 5 is an excellent risk assessment process, one that can be readily applied to any workplace or workforce.

Take 5 has effectively reduced the number of workplace accidents and incidents that occur in workplaces across the country and it has benefited companies of all sizes in all sectors, making it an astute choice of risk assessment process to implement in your workplace. Take note of the many benefits associated with Take 5 and improve WHS in your workplace today.